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FALL AFTERSCHOOL and HOLIDAY CLASS REGISTRATION has begun.  Join Chef Amee as she continues to teach young chefs/bakers safe and proper knife & pastry bag skills, how to read & understand recipes, math skills, & preparedness for at-home cooking as well as making gifts for family members.

Get to Know Chef Amee...

Chef Amee Hoge-Dunfee has a passion to equip and inspire young people and adults by teaching them how to play with food creatively in the kitchen.

She’s a graduate of Northern Arizona University with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. She has worked in a residential care facility in Missouri with at-risk youth, where her passion to reach these “tough” kids through cooking began.  She is also a graduate of the French Culinary Institute, New York City and is currently living in Ohio.


Chef Amee is teaching cooking and gardening classes to all ages, teaching Girl Scout Workshops to the Northeast Ohio Council, offers kids and adults cooking classes through Avon Lake Parks and Rec, Cleveland Clinic's Wellness Center in Fairview Park and volunteers at her church and local library.  She can be seen around town or at the lake with her bestie-- her fur child, Millie and her new hubby and sous chef, Richard.



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