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serrated knife- ​comes with a blade cover to keep it safe:                             

cutting tomatoes, fruits and all veggies with a tougher, outer skin


mini santoku knife- comes with a blade cover to keep it safe:

cutting meat, potatoes, herbs, and larger fruits


stem remover/tomato shark-        

for removing strawberry stems, seeds/core of bell peppers,

pumpkins and other fruits with seeds/pits


paring knife-                  

beginner’s knife, used for cutting small fruits and veggies


kitchen scissors-                                  

used for cutting small items such as herbs, green onions/chives, and bacon


citrus squeezer-                                    

used for squeezing lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit pieces for juicing



used for zesting citrus, fresh spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon sticks and star anise; the grater is used for grating chocolate and parmesan cheese 


high-heat rubber spatula-                    

used for stirring, scraping, and mixing batters, doughs, and cooking on stove-top, it won’t melt into your food


**When cooking in a class or at-home, make sure to keep your knife blade in your kit,

so that you don’t lose it or it ends up in the “junk” drawer


**After using your knife, wash it thoroughly with hot water and soap,

then dry it completely before putting the blade cover on it.


Young Chef Tools- Uses and Maintenance

The perfect gift for your young chef!


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