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Taking the Bite Out of Braces

NOTE FROM PAM: Ten years ago I set out to help parents, patients and professionals take the bite out of braces. My family’s three generations of silver-smile experiences were the inspiration for writing the original Braces Cookbook with my daughter, Brenda; developing an adult version with Chef Amee Hoge; and for establishing Metal Mouth Media as a resource for the latest orthodontic information, recipe ideas, and practical tips.

Along the way, I had fun meeting fellow cooks and braces-wearers at book signings, on TV news-sets and through radio conversations; social media even made it possible for my resources to reach people all over the world. It was a great feeling to hear your stories, compare delicious notes and celebrate your smiles, and for all the kind words, I am grateful.

Now, though, it is clear that the venue for both recipe ideas and health-tips has migrated to the online world. Metal Mouth Media will continue to offer (discounted) print-copy inventory in our online store until all the books have found new homes. After that, I expect many of them will discover a second life through Amazon, and that, too, makes me happy.

I want to offer up a special thanks to Chef Instructor and Food Photographer, Amee Hoge-Dunfee. We met while guests on a local tv program highlighting our talents and became lifelong friends ever since. She helped develop the Braces Cookbook 2 while photographing pictures for both cookbooks for me. A match made in foodie heaven.

I hope some of these recipes have become family favorites, as they have ours: fondly prepared long after the brackets have been removed. Thank you for sharing in my adventure. Keep smiling.

Pamela Waterman


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